Gruyere Mine Site Recruitment Video Production – Gold Fields Perth

Mine Site Video Production at Gruyere Gold Mine

In the WA Goldfield’s near Laverton, Gruyere gold mine will be the biggest new gold mine in Australia in the last 70 years.

With the resurgence in mining in Western Australia, and in particular the number of new mines being opened, the industry has recognised that they are heading for a shortfall in numbers of experienced staff across the industry – this is predicted to be in the thousands.

A number of new lithium and gold mines have opened or about to open, and a number of existing iron ore mines are being further extended.

HardHat Media was asked to travel to the Gruyere mine to meet with workers across all disciplines to prepare a mine site video to attract people to come and work at the site.

The video production has been enormously successful, at last count it was up to 200,000 views.

HardHat Media are seasoned Mine Site Video Production experts, with many years of experience. View our recent video for Sandvik Drills at Jundee Goldmine here.