Corrosion Control Australia

We had the wonderful opportunity to partner with the local, family run business at Corrosion Control Australia.

Corrosion Control Australia (CCA) is a company formed by the father/son duo Sean and Terry Ross.  The pair offer a wealth of experience in the mining sector, as well as the industrial and commercial coatings sector.

In today’s demanding environment CCA offers solutions in areas where extreme corrosion is a problem. We’re extremely proud to partner with a family run business that offers an innovative solution to a problem that is prevalent in Western Australia – roof corrosion due to harsh weather.

For this video we had our videographer Pedro Sant’Ana on the roof of North Perth Coles capturing the powerhouse duo Sean & Terry as they transformed the condition of the building. We also had our drone operator Josh Carter, capturing the magic from above. The video was created with a combination of on-site filming, drone filming, time-lapse photography, voice overs and dynamic editing.

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding upon this video with interview testimonials and further on-site filming.