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By Law, Occupational Health and Safety procedures must be implemented wherever work is being conducted. HardHat Media & Communications’ years of experience can guide you in putting in place safety policies to meet the required standards.

It is essential that everyone has the same understanding and attitude towards Health and Safety and their own specific training. Presentations with PowerPoint or by voice can lead to inconsistencies, leaving some staff without all the details. Our Safety and Training videos present a level field that is reliable, efficient and engaging that deliver important information which can increase productivity and save lives. All our videos are custom made to meet the unique demands of each company and it’s employees. We offer a complete filming package from start to finish – scripts, filming, photography, voice overs, editing… Be involved or leave it all to us.

HardHat Media and Communications’ Safety and Training videos have received international acclaim and have been distributed to to over 150 countries! They can be used for multiple purposes…

Safety Training

Our industries are constantly changing and the requirement to teach staff new skills with new equipment in new environments is ongoing. Our custom videos will provide your staff with a full understanding and appreciation of their new skills and responsibilities.

Induction Videos

Inductions reach out to everyone in your company. Whether they are long serving staff members or single visit contractors, everyone must understand the possible dangers and codes of conduct in order to prevent accidents. HardHat Media & Communications has years of experience in scripting, shooting and editing safety induction videos.

Learning from Incidents

Incidents can occur at any time and it is crucial that companies have a strategy in place to quickly deal with the unexpected. Presenting the event in a visual format allows people to see and understand the exact problem and act accordingly to prevent such incidents occurring again.

These videos are not available online.

Toolbox Talk Material

It is important for every staff member to actively take part in regular meetings to address everyday issues that may affect the safety of their work. Our videos explain that their ideas are worth listening to and their participation is just as important as messages from managers.

Safety Meetings

There are times that your safety policies may need reviewing to adapt to recent challenges, government guidelines and site specific requirements. Your meetings to discuss new strategies will be greatly enhanced with one of our safety meeting videos that can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of your current policy.

General Awareness

Certain situations may arise that require a personal message. You may wish to congratulate your staff for excellent records on safety. You can remind staff that they have a voice and that safety is everyone’s responsibility, even if a senior staff member says it is OK.

These videos are not available online.

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Safety video
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training safety video

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