Safety & Induction Videos

Safety & Induction Videos


We produce the best Safety & Induction Videos

Safety & Induction videos save companies considerable time and resource. Safety & Induction training is only effective if the information is easily understood and retained and there’s no better way to engage an audience than with a dynamic health and safety video. Forget Powerpoint/Slide presentations; when it comes to safety, only the most entertaining medium, capable of catching the viewers attention, is worth using.

With our experience in the Oil & Mining industry we can help you transmit all of the messages you want to be delivered to the workers. A video is always the best solution!

Content can vary – using a combination of presenters, animated graphics and scenerio demonstrations. With a careful creative treatment your safety & induction video will be accessible and easily absorbed by all.

How can I use a video?

  • On an interactive DVD as part of induction and training
  • On an intranet – in a modular interactive format
  • In group workshops and presentations
  • Online with a private login

What’s the impact?

  • Memorable
  • Higher engagement
  • Consistent and clear
  • Interactive and easy to use
  • Saves time and resources


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