Safety Communication

Safety communications


We make outstanding Safety Communication on your behalf

Employers have the responsibility to provide a safe work environment for all employees, free from any hazards and complying with all state and federal laws and, since health and safety in the workplace is about preventing work-related injury and disease, HardHat Media can help you develop any kind of safety communication that are required for the Oil & Mining industry.

Knowledge is the key ingredient in providing a safe work environment—if everyone knows the correct procedures then accidents and injuries can be kept to a minimum. With our experience there is virtually no safety communication we cannot handle for you. We always make sure that the safety concept is sound for everyone, wheter it is written or transmitted through any kind of medium.

By Law, occupational health and safety procedures must be implemented wherever the work is being conducted and HardHat Media can guide you in putting in place safety policy to meet the required standards, such as:

  • ensure that the way work is done is safe and does not affect employees’ health
  • ensure that tools, equipment and machinery are safe and are kept safe
  • ensure that ways of storing, transporting or working with dangerous substances is safe and does not damage employees’ heasEmployer responsibilities with health and safety
  • provide employees with the information, instruction and training they need to do their job safely and without damaging their health
  • consult with employees about health and safety in the workplace
  • monitor the work place regularly and keep a record of what is found during the checks.
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