Project Progress Reporting

project progress reporting


Project Progress Reporting specialists

Progress reporting is a key activity of project management. The project manager issues regular reports of progress against budget, schedule and scope and HardHat Media can work side by side with the project manager to keep the report brief and sum up the key points in the project, such as:

  1. Report Date
  2. Overall Status
  3. Project Summary
  4. Key Issues
  5. Identified Risks
  6. Tasks and Next Steps
  7. Decisions Needed
  8. Key Future Dates
  9. Budgeted Cost
  10. Spend to Date

Anyone reading our reports is made fully aware of progress and know when their help is needed to keep the project on track.

Keeping people updated ensures they remain involved and committed. Regular communication is essential to the well-being of any project and HardHat Media is your perfect business partner for this kind of task.

Thanks to our expertise we avoid all of the most common problems that are encountered while drawing up the report:

  • Poor communication channels
  • Lack of honest communication
  • Unwillingness to communicate bad news
  • Not asking for help when it’s needed

Regular progress reporting creates a valuable written record of a projects’ life. Later you can look back and decide how to improve the running of future projects.

A HardHat Media Project Progress Report is always beneficial to your business…

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