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Thorough Dilapidation Reports

A dilapidation report detail the existing condition of a building at a specific point in time. At HardHat Media we make sure that we identify any existing damage of a structure.  The report is an item-by-item account identifying the building elements and their condition and we record it by both written and photographic evidence. If required, and this is one of the field in which we excel, we can film the inspected structure in order to provide you with the best dilapidation survey package available.

Common problems that are found during inspections on residential properties are:

  • Sagging rooves
  • Wall cracks, both internal and external
  • Floor cracks
  • Rising damp
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Shower walls leaking leading to moisture penetration into walls
  • Electrical wiring faults

HardHat Media has extensive construction experience in both residential and commercial with many survey successfully completed.

HardHat Media provides professional impartial dilapidation advice and reports for all types of properties and structures. Our service includes:

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  • Advising the builder, developer or architect on the extent of the Dilapidation report and which structures should be inspected.
  • On site inspection of the building elements in accordance with the client brief.
  • Production of a written and photographic report in chronological order identifying the current building condition with photographs showing any existing damage.
  • Issuing of the report prior to works commencing.
  • A signature section within the report to be signed by all parties involved prior to any works commencing to reduce later claims and thus reduce any risk.
  • Completion inspection as required.
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How much does the report cost?

The cost of preparing a Dilapidation Report will vary depending on the type and number of properties/structures, location, size, complexity and the extent of the detail required. We will usually be able to provide you with a fee quotation within the same day as the enquiry.

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