Engineering & Construction

Typically, video or media companies may lack the industry knowledge to convey the real or intended message to staff or external stakeholders. HardHat Media and Communications’ staff include Engineers who bring decades of experience of the Engineering and Construction Industries to create visually impressive, technical or general materials, combining videos, photos and written material, for your web site or presentations.

We fill the niche between Project or Safety Managers’ needs for technical reporting, and Communications Departments needs for observing sensitivities around Brand, Investor Relations, PR, Legal. With our experience of the oil patch, and the mining and construction industries, all you need to do is point us in the required direction, and leave everything else to the experts – HardHat Media & Communications.

Safety & Induction Videos

Inductions reach out to everyone in your company. Whether they are long serving staff members or single visit contractors, everyone must understand the possible dangers and codes of conduct in order to prevent accidents. HardHat Media & Communications has years of experience in scripting, shooting and editing safety induction videos.

Time-Lapse Video & Photography

At HardHat Media we are specialists in time-lapse filming. Some of the leading construction, oil and mining industry organisations have used our skill in producing time-lapse projects . Furthermore we can edit the footage into corporate, marketing and promotional films, to tell the story you want to be told…

Project Progress Reporting

Allow everyone to see how your plans are developing. For construction projects, why not use time-lapse technology to see a building take shape?

Stakeholder Reporting

Our specially made videos for stakeholder meetings will impress and engage your audience. We can deliver a new video presentation each year or quarter to reveal your latest projects, profits and predictions.

These videos are not available online.

Video & Photography

Our highly skilled production crew can deliver eye catching content that can be used for a number of corporate purposes.

Dilapidation Reports

HardHat Media & Communications has extensive construction experience in both residential and commercial with many surveys successfully completed. We provide professional impartial dilapidation advice and reports for all types of properties and structures.

Company Website Content

Our videos, photography and creative writing can bring your website to life. Allow us to become your Communications department to update and keep your content fresh. Our targeted updates will make sure your page appears at the top of search engine results and users return on a regular basis.

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